Y’all… these hiatus moments have to stop.

It seems that I find it difficult to keep up with writing. Why? You ask. (Alright, you didn’t ask… but here it goes.)


So for the past 3-ish years, I’ve been off in the land of birth work. I decided to take my photography love into the birth space and I haven’t looked back.

The days of keeping up with simple things like laundry, dinners from scratch, and blogging have kind of taken a back seat.


In case you haven’t checked out what’s keeping me so busy, you can click here to take a peek. 

Well, to keep life complicated… #YouKnowHowIDo I decided to take on another challenge. I am now offering doula services.

Being in birth spaces has been invigorating. I find myself reaching out to help in any way possible outside of my documentarian role and I decided to listen to my yearning to help. Even if my doula role is short-lived, I can’t imagine that bringing on this new level of birth education can go wasted in my line of work.

A birth photographer is not a portrait photographer. We are navigating a very different scene and we are documenting moments that forever change families. We SHOULD have a full understanding of how to read the birthing mother’s feelings. We should recognize when our camera needs to come up for a shot and when it needs to sit out the shot to allow the birth team to do their jobs.

There are big changes coming to my business soon and I’m kinda geeking out over here. I’m also really really really freaking out about adopting a new name and changing things that have been working so well for 3 years now. Change is good is what I keep telling myself. Growth comes from change and I hope I can be a positive light for my community as I launch this new chapter of my small business.

So, cheers to change!


It’s been 84 years…

2-year hiatus. Mcallen Mom Blogger returns from the dark side…

Haha! Just kidding. There was no dark side involved. Although I’m sure I did watch a lot of Star Wars movies during this 2-year break.

I’ve been a little busy Y’all. Two years ago I decided to launch an official business and well, it’s had me tied up. From setting up a website to creating a Business Facebook page to filing an “official” business license and getting insured… this is no joke, guys! I never imagined I’d be going down this rabbit hole. 😂

I’ll spare you all the details and try to keep it somewhat short.

In 2012, I decided to stay home with B full time. Now before making this decision, I had to think back to the times I stayed home with my older sons and how batty that drove me. Seriously, the SAHM thing is mind-boggling. (I miss the days of interacting with adults.)

I knew that I’d need something to distract me and keep me focused on something other than parenting and motherhood. Since I was always carrying a camera around, I decided to upgrade to a starter DSLR and learn a little bit more about photography.

I took this idea and ran with it… I suppose I imagined myself saving hundreds of dollars in photography (😂😂😂 joke’s on me now- more about this later) as my kiddos got older and we hit milestones as a family.

So fast forward to 2 years ago… My husband had started to notice my photos were getting better and he casually asked if I was planning to take on clients or doing this “thing” for other people. I kind of did a double take… “no, I hadn’t really thought about that.” 🤷🏽‍♀️

Well, I sat down, talked to a few trusted friends and dug a little deeper… was the universe trying to tell me something?

Like I do with so many other things, I decided to take a leap of faith and go for it. What’s the worst that can happen, I fail? 🤷🏽‍♀️😅 My ego could potentially take a hit but in the end, people would forget my 15 minutes and move one right?

Well, here I am, 2 years later. Still chipping away at this and still finding the hidden art in some of the most vulnerable moments of motherhood.

I am a birth photographer. I document families and their love stories.

Raw beauty reminds me that getting in the frame isn’t necessarily ever a decision I make for me. It’s a decision I make for my children. They will one day only have photos left of me. They will remember things vaguely but will always have that special photo to look back on. The one that reminds them of what I looked like when the sun hit my hair or when I indulged with them and that box of Shipley donuts.

Candid Family Photos McAllen Texas

No matter where my journey as a professional takes me, I’ll never stop documenting the mundane moments at home. I know how special my childhood photos are to me and it motivates me to leave our visual story for my children as well. They deserve that. 💕

Curious about my photography page? Click here.

~Love & Light,



Goodbye Summer!

It’s the first day of Fall! I’m so happy to wrap up summer. ☺️

My last post was about my sweet baby’s birthday… In June!

After an eventful summer, I have finally decided to get back to writing. We had a few good months of family time and now we are back at our school/work/busy routines.

Homeschooling began the day after Labor Day for us… The husband went back to marching band/school at the end of July… And now, I’ve added the littles and myself into the local MOPS group. Busy busy!

So far, it seems everyone is adjusting to all the new routines fairly well! I’ve been having a hard time keeping the balance between watching my toddlers 24/7 and keeping up with all the homeschooling lessons. I am hoping that this smoothes out for me.

If you have any tips on keeping a healthy balance, I’m all ears!

How is your routine changing now that it’s officially Fall?


And just like that, he turned 3.

Yesterday was my third child’s birthday. This beautiful boy has turned my life upside down in the most positive way.

14 years ago, as I awaited motherhood for the first time, I thought I had it all right. I thought I knew exactly how I wanted to parent my babies. I thought I knew everything there was to know about children…

What I didn’t realize is that as time passes, everyone grows and changes in their thinking (hey, I WAS only 21.)

So when my little guy arrived just 3 short years ago, it was like a new start. My mind was/is wired differently. Motherhood was a new journey yet again and like I said before, my world was flipped upside down. It was like I had to figure things out all over again. Luckily, he’s been teaching me so much along the way… I think we make a great mom/son team! I hope I can continue to grow and learn as a mother so that all my children can benefit from my personal trials and errors.

So coming back to his birthday… It was hard. I realize that he’s quickly morphing into a preschooler and while its overwhelmingly joyous, it hurts. Why? Because I have two big boys to remind me that in the blink of an eye, they go from 4 year-olds to 14 year olds. Words get clearer, baby teeth start falling, books become novels, and then they start talking about driving and future college options.

The next time I’m rushing through my day, I think I’ll try to remember that this three year old will only be three for 364 more days.


I love you Ben! Happy birthday sweet baby. Always stay true to yourself. You are a mighty little guy who I KNOW will one day be an amazing adult.


Oveja Verde visits the RGV!

Vegan Trompo & Bistek Tacos on Corn Tortillas

This weekend was pretty tasty thanks to a new restaurant wanting to take a chance at the vegan crowd in the RGV! Oveja Verde is originally from Monterrey, Mexico. They have been offering vegan tacos in their restaurant for a year now and are currently looking to bring their delicious food to the area. As a test run, they were hosted for a day by a local business (D-Novo Massage Studio.) I was fortunate enough to be able to try their tacos and I am so glad I did!

They provided me with a delicious vegan treat for dinner! The tacos were exploding with wonderful flavor. Fresh cut onions and cilantro covered my Trompo and Bistek tacos and I swear my mouth is still watering this morning as I type this…

I hope the restaurant was successful with their sales yesterday and sees potential in our area. The vegan scene is still growing in the RGV and it’s so exciting to see options beginning to pop up for those of us looking for dining options out on the town.

My two older sons are omnivores and they too loved the food we brought home last night… So this restaurant can certainly stand a chance when it comes to the meat eating crowds! Meatless Monday can certainly be a tasty one for non-believers. 😉

If you have wondered what vegan food can taste like, I encourage you to give these guys a try the next time they are in town. Look up Oveja Verde on Facebook and be on the look out for their next visit. I’m sure you’ll be impressed with their delicious food!


Day 7: Final Thoughts


The trusty stash…

As the 5th Annual Flats and Handwashing Challenge comes to an end, I can’t help but feel extremely thankful for modern conveniences. I LOVE MY WASHER. I honestly don’t know how my mother did this day in and day out… I love you mom!


I love you Mom!

Day 7 has been my catch up day, I learned late in the day yesterday that my husband had a hidden stash of sprayed poopy diapers waiting for me. So just when I was thinking that I had done an amazing job about keeping up with the diaper washes, my dreams were quickly crushed when I had another full bucket waiting to be washed. Not. Cool.

I did manage to wash everything and get caught up again but it wasn’t the most fun evening! I also learned that my $1 plunger cannot stand the heavy-duty washing that happened this week… So, if you plan to do this full-time, splurge and get the fancy heavy-duty plunger!


Goodbye plunger… we’ve had a good week together!

So, let’s get down to my overall thoughts about this challenge:

  • Diapering on the cheap is pretty gratifying. $136 from birth to potty training? YES PLEASE! (I think I may spend more money on Mochas per year… yikes!!!)
  • Make diapering part of your emergency preparedness plan. Pack away 6-12 receiving blankets/flats along with 2 diaper covers in your emergency kit. They may be a huge blessing in the event of a nasty natural disaster.
  • Finally: If I can do this, trust me, YOU can too! 

I don’t think I’ll be making hand washing a thing for this household… In a pinch, I think we can make it work, but by choice, na! I am thankful that I was able to reach the end of the challenge and that my house didn’t fall apart while I blogged about it. 😉

I also want to send you a big thanks too! Thanks for following along. If you have any questions, I’d be happy to help!

I think I will treat myself to some nail polish after all this hand washing! 🙂


Flat Diaper Folds: My Favorites!

It’s day 6 of the Flats and Hand washing challenge and we are still going strong here! When I say we, I guess I really just mean me… I’m the only one hand washing here so I guess that’s fitting right?  >.<


Well, today I’m going to fill you in on my favorite folds for these traditional flat diapers. I’d like to believe that I posses magical skills when it comes to changing babies but I really don’t. I have one kid constantly trying to grab whatever she just deposited into her diaper and a roll-y infant that likes to show off her new rolling skills at every opportunity!


With that said, my favorite fold is the pad fold. A flat diaper folded into a rectangle that sits perfectly in my Flip covers is my winner!

I like to work efficiently and quickly when possible. I am the epitome of lazy. My mind is constantly racing as I juggle everyday tasks so a diaper fold that takes no major brain power on my end is good! I did try the origami fold this week to try to contain poop but I can’t say we avoided much of that… The girls seem to have a 6th sense about pooping times. Origami fold… nope, no poop. Pad fold, yes, I can poo a massive load now!!! Every. Time.

Below is a demo of each fold!


Origami Fold

Pad Fold

Pad Fold

Happy folding!